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activity1.12 Animation Process

A wide variety of animation processes is now accessible to students in schools and colleges, ranging from basic vector and bitmap animated GIFs created in programs like Serif DrawPlus and Serif PhotoPlus; to stop motion animations (including claymation and pixilation) that can be compiled from still shots in digital video editing software like Serif MoviePlus. For more about the Serif range of products, visit the Serif website.

Accessible animation processes in educational contexts include flash/shockwave animated movies made with programs such as Adobe Flash and Serif DrawPlus, where digital processes mirror many traditional cel animation techniques; as well as 3D animation and even more time-consuming processes like rotoscoping, in which live action video footage is traced frame by frame

Teach Animation.

To view student-made examples of some of these techniques, visit the Teach Animation website, which also explains how to create similar projects yourself:

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