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factfile1.14 Model Assignment Task 1

Review Existing Animations

What you must do

Read the practice assignment scenario carefully and begin to think about it, although you don’t have to start the design yet. This first task will prepare you to think about different animations.

For your first assessment task, you must write reviews of at least two different web animations. The animations could either be from the list you viewed and discussed in Section 1, or examples that you have found yourself.

Each review should identify the most and least effective aspects of the animation, its particular purpose and the techniques and features that the animator has employed to try to achieve that aim.

You should also suggest one or two possible improvements and explain how you think these could help it meet its purpose(s) better. Are there any features that you could adapt for your own animation, or any that you will definitely avoid? Make a note of them too. You must also include the URL where the animation can be viewed by others.

You can use the ‘Animation review’ prompt sheet to help you organise your ideas before writing your reviews. Save each review to your Reviews folder with a recognisable file name e.g. animation_review1XXX, animation_review2XXX (substitute your own initials for XXX).

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