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2. Design an Animation

For an animation to be successful the designer must have a clear idea of its purpose, who the intended audience is and what appeals to their tastes.

In this section you will consider these different factors and use them to help plan your own animation.

  1. girlGetting started - 5 Basic questions
  2. First thoughts
  3. Audience
  4. Mood board - audience
  5. What's the purpose of the animation?
  6. What's the message?
  7. Audience, purpose and message
  8. Where will it be?
  9. How???
  10. Concept mapping
  11. What type of animation?
  12. Tweening and onion-skinning
  13. Animated banners
  14. Check it out
  15. All about frame rate
  16. Looking at banner ads
  17. Storyboards
  18. Alternative endings
  19. Model Assignment : Task 2
  20. Skills
  21. Resources
  22. Curriculum mapping
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