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Fact File2.11 What type of animation?


The type of animation technique you decide to make will largely depend on the software available to you. There are a number of different file formats for animation.

Two of the most widely used of these are animated GIFs and Flash/ShockWave (SWF) movies.

Animated GIFs (Frame-by-frame or stop frame animation)

SheepAs a novice, this is the simplest form of animation to learn. You can make animated GIFs with both Serif PhotoPlus bitmap-editing software and Serif DrawPlus vector-drawing software.

Although editable DrawPlus files are vector and so are scaleable, the exported GIF format is raster (bitmap) based and is not.

DragonAnimated GIFs created with vector-drawing software like DrawPlus have the advantage of much smaller file sizes than bitmap animations.

Section 3 demonstrates how to make animated GIFs using DrawPlus.

Animated GIFs have the following characteristics:

Stop-motion animation

This technique makes static objects seem to move by montaging a sequence of still images where the
object or character is moved slightly from frame to frame. This type of animation can take a variety of

You can create stop motion animation with Serif MoviePlus.

Flash (Keyframe animation)

flashSince its introduction in 1996 The Flash/ShockWave format has become the industry standard for adding animation and interactivity to web pages. Originally developed by Macromedia and now owned by Adobe, it also supports multimedia content like audio and video playback. Adobe Flash® comprises a player, a file format (SWF or ShockWave Flash) and an authoring tool or program.

Flash allows web designers to create and develop animations and interactive movies or images that can be embedded into a web page and is commonly used to create animated 'splash' screens or introductions to a CD, DVD or website, animated advertisements, and interactive web-page components like buttons and navigation bars.

Since the release of version X2, Serif DrawPlus has been able to generate files in the SWF format. With it you can create media-rich interactive keyframe animations and export them as Flash movies.

Flash animations also have these features:

The tutorials and exercises in Section 3 show you how to create an animated GIF or frame-by-frame animation in Serif DrawPlus.

Those in Section 4 explain how to make a key frame or Flash animation.

You can find additional guidance on the Serif website : Keyframe / Stopframe.

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