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Most banner adverts are not static objects. Unlike a newspaper advert the dynamic nature of the internet provides designers with the opportunity to produce adverts that are animated and can even interact with the site visitor if they roll their mouse over or click on the advert.

Many banner adverts are very simple animated gifs or flash movies. Unlike other animations that tend to have a large number of frames and run at a basic frame rate of 100 milliseconds or 10 fps (frames per second), as you learned in section 1, these banner adverts have very few frames, typically three to five.

Each frame stays on screen longer than the basic rate of 10 fps – perhaps for a full second or longer. The animation also tends to play on a loop, so that once it reaches the end it automatically restarts.

Ian Wright

The helpsheet 'Anatomy of a banner ad' analyses the composition of an archived animated GIF for talkSPORT radio (illustrated), which measured 728 x 90 pixels, had a filesize of only 16KB and looped after 5 seconds.

The majority of banner ads also act as a hyperlink, taking the visitor to a website related to the advert. An increasing number are being created using keyframe technology which allows for more complex animations, greater interactivity, and the use of video and audio, yet keeps file sizes very small.

You can create both types of animated banner in DrawPlus, as you'll learn in Section 3.

Pushpin Anatomy of a Banner Ad

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