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Activity2.18 Alternative endings


First view both of the Crowfield animated GIFs below then compare and contrast the two different storyboards. The three common elements of the storylines are a crow, a cornfield and a bang. However, the endings have been modified to suit different audiences.

a) The first ending makes reference to the death of the artist Vincent Van Gogh and to his final painting, Wheatfield with crows (storyboard).


b) The second version is directed at younger children and takes a more light-hearted approach (storyboard).

Crowfield 1

c) Sketch out a third alternative ending to complete the story using the 'Storyboard endings 3' worksheet.

Pushpin Storyboard endings 1 - example 1

Pushpin Storyboard endings 2 - example 2

Pushpin Storyboard endings 3 - worksheet to complete

Pushpin Example stop-frame storyboard 1– sequence from the 'Crowfield Vincent' animated GIF

Pushpin Example key-frame storyboard 2 – sequence from the 'Crowfield Vincent' Flash animation

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