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assignment2.19 Model Assignment : Task 2

Design an animation

What you must do

Task 2a – Aim and audience

Read through the scenario again carefully. Apply the skills you have developed in Section 2 to planning your design for the DogNBone Appeal animation. Describe the target audience for the animation in detail, referring to your mood board for inspiration, and identify the main purpose of your animation.

What should you take into account to make sure you have considered the needs of your audience and the purpose of the animation? You could also add some basic information about the message you want to relay and how you plan to communicate it.

Save your work as anim_proposalXXX (replace XXX with your own initials) to your design folder. The ‘Animation proposal’ prompt sheet will help you.

Task 2b - storyboard

Keeping the information in your animation proposal in mind, design the storyboard for your animation.

You should show as appropriate:

You can use or adapt the blank ‘Storyboard’ template to help you do this if you wish, or design your own format. Save your storyboard as storyboardXXX (replace XXX with your own initials) to your Design folder. If you produce the storyboard on paper, you can scan it and save it in PDF format.

pin Animation proposal prompt sheet

pin Blank ‘Storyboard’ template

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