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Pushpin First thoughts - blank concept map

Pushpin Model assignment scenario

Pushpin Audience mood board - example collage

Pushpin Get it? - discussion prompt sheet

Pushpin Animation planning - full size incomplete concept map

Pushpin Banner Advert Sizes

Pushpin Anatomy of a Banner Ad

Pushpin Anatomy of a Banner ad blank

pin Animation proposal prompt sheet

pin Blank ‘Storyboard’ template

Pushpin Storyboard endings 1 - example 1

Pushpin Storyboard endings 2 - example 2

Pushpin Storyboard endings 3 - worksheet to complete

Pushpin Example stop-frame storyboard 1– sequence from the 'Crowfield Vincent' animated GIF

Pushpin Example key-frame storyboard 2 – sequence from the 'Crowfield Vincent' Flash animation

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