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Activity2.4 Mood board - audience


MoodboardYou can describe the profile of your target audience in a very visual way by pasting up magazine images to create a mood board, as illustrated to the right.

Find a picture of your typical target audience member e.g. a teenager or twenty-something. Cut it out and paste it in the centre of a sheet of plain paper A4 size or larger. Give him or her a name. Add images that represent her/his hobbies, interests, occupation, likes and dislikes around the main figure.

In the case of the example 'DogN'Bone' brief you might also consider what dog breed they prefer and what brand of phone they own.

Look at the example mood board and discuss in pairs whether you think it gives an accurate profile of a teenage boy.

How would you change it? What would you add or leave out?

Is it a stereotypical view of the target audience? What would a mood board for a typical teenage girl show?

Pushpin Audience mood board - example collage

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