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Fact File2.6 What's the message?


Audience, purpose and message are closely linked concepts that have to be developed simultaneously. The message is the 'call to action': what do you want the consumer to do or think? What action do you want them to take?

For example an animation for young people under 18 (audience), which publicises a helpline for anorexia sufferers (purpose) to reassure them that they are not alone (message), could effectively employ humour or the unexpected to attract their attention (approach/pitch), although you might not agree.

The approach or pitch for a banner that aimed to brand a general health information website for parents would be very different: the tone of the website would be more serious and animation might not be appropriate at all.

Your approach to designing your animation should be determined by the profile of its intended audience as well as by its purpose and message.

Approach : Use animation?
Anorexia Under 18's Publicise helpline Not alone
General health info Parents of young children Branding Get useful medical advice


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