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Fact File2.9 How???


The next big question and possibly the most difficult for you to answer is 'how'?

brainstormHow will you tackle the brief?

How can you get your message across? This is where you can give free rein to your creativity.

What's your storyline going to be?

Start by jotting down any associations linked to the key elements of the brief, however crazy you think they seem: animation lends itself to fantasy and surreal situations, as the examples you reviewed in Section 1 demonstrate.

Brainstorming with a friend and making a concept map of associations may also help before you start to visualise your animation in greater detail with a storyboard.

What kind of approach would appeal to the target audience you have identified? Will they respond best to humour? Should your approach be serious, funky, sophisticated, stylish, hardhitting, satirical, streetwise, business-like, retro?

What other approach could you use to get your message across?

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