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3. Stopframe Animation

Even a novice user will be able to develop impressive stop frame animations with with ease because DrawPlus helps you cut out some of the routine tasks of building up your animation using vector shapes, tweening and other useful techniques.

crowsFollow this section if you want to find out more about how to make a stop frame or frame-by-frame animation.

  1. Getting started with vector drawing
  2. Get started with stop-frame animation
  3. Editing quick shapes
  4. Get started with basic techniques
  5. Freehand vector doodles
  6. Draw freeform lines and shapes
  7. Add and animate text
  8. Seven labour-saving stopframe tips
  9. Clone, tween and save time
  10. Timing is everything
  11. Edit frame rates and looping
  12. Optimizing and exporting animations
  13. Optimize and export your animation
  14. Create an animation from clip art
  15. Model Assignment : Task 3
  16. Skills
  17. Resources
  18. Curriculum Mapping
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