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introduction3.1 Getting started with vector drawing


Think you can't draw?

As you know, the great advantage that vector graphics have over bitmaps for web animation is that they can be scaled up or down without losing quality and have smaller file sizes too.

With DrawPlus you can modify a broad selection of customisable shapes and gallery art or symbols for your animation. It's also possible to find sources elsewhere and import them into DrawPlus – one of the tutorials in this section shows you how to adapt and edit found elements or secondary sources like clipart for your own purposes.


Can draw but new to vector programs?

Novices to vector drawing will be able to develop impressive web graphics with ease because DrawPlus helps you cut out some of the routine tasks of building up your animation by cloning and tweening frames.

crowThe sequence above is an example of tweening: simple readymade shapes were customised to create the first key frame (1), then modified in the second keyframe (2), and the steps in between were created automatically by DrawPlus (frames a, b, c) to give an impression of zooming out from the crow's eye.

When your design is finished it's just as simple to export your animation in animated GIF format, or even to export frames as a video or in PDF format.

Aim for better results (and maybe higher grades) by optimizing your animation for faster download times with the simple DrawPlus Image Export wizard.

DrawPlus will make it easier for you to try out your ideas, preview them and make modifications to improve the results.

video Draw and modify vector shapes : demo : training

video Serif Video Tutorial : Introducing DrawPlus X5

video Serif Video Tutorial : Quick Start

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