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fact file3.10 Timing is everything


stopwatchDuring your flip book experiments in Section 1 you will have discovered that frame rate, or the number of frames per second, has a powerful effect on creating smooth, natural movement for animation.

Frame timing can also be employed to good effect by animators for narrative pace, drama and emphasis. When text is introduced it is essential that viewers have enough time to read and absorb the information.

DrawPlus has a default setting of one frame per second, which is ideal for slow-changing banner ads, but which needs to be adjusted to around 1/10th second or 1/100th millisecond for most other animated movement. You can also slow the action down or speed it up as needed.

The key to success is to preview your work very frequently and modify it accordingly.

Web animators also need to decide whether to have their animation play continuously and risk irritating viewers, or give them the option to choose for themselves. Finally, you must check the total running time for your animation – does it meet the specifications?

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