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As you discovered in Section 1, frame rate has a powerful effect on creating an illusion of smooth movement when viewing a sequence of still images. Timing can also be employed to good effect for narrative pace, drama and emphasis. When text is used it is essential that viewers have enough time to read and absorb the information. DrawPlus has a default setting per frame of 10/100th of a second, but this can easily be adjusted to slow down or speed up the action. The key to success is to view your work frequently and modify it accordingly.


frame propertiesYou can set a global and an individual frame duration (how long each frame displays); you can specify whether the animation should play as a continuous loop or repeat a fixed number of times by clicking on the Properties button to bring up the Frame Properties window.

crow frameClicking on the default frame rate displayed below each frame's thumbnail and typing another figure in milliseconds alters the timing of an individual frame.

The tutorial gives more detailed information about adjusting timings and looping. It also explains how to loop an individual element in frame-by-frame/stop-frame animation which may be needed for higher assessment grades in your project.

Pushpin How to change frame rates and loop in DrawPlus stop-frame animation – tutorial

video Change frame rates : demo : training

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