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activity3.3 Editing quick shapes

Customise Shapes

quickshapes toolOpen Serif DrawPlus and draw a basic shape from the Quick Shapes menu.

node toolWith the shape selected, customise the readyshapes by clicking on the Node tool. This brings up sliders that enable you to produce variations on the basic shape.

Try some out and place a copy of the variation next to the original shape for future reference.

quick shapes

Combine shapes


eyeUse the Combine/Intersect/Add/Subtract buttons to construct completely new shapes. Add comments with the Text Tool to remind yourself how you made the shapes. Make copies of your shapes and customise them even more by formatting the lines and fills in different ways.

Can you reproduce the crow's eye using these techniques?

Moby, the mobile phone character, was constructed entirely from two basic Quick Shapes, apart from his arms and legs, which were drawn using the Pen tool. Closed shapes were filled with colour and some outlines were removed, others kept.

Can you create a similar character from readymade shapes?


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