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QuickshapesOne of the advantages of a program like Serif DrawPlus is that it has a range of readymade geometric shapes like rectangles, polygons, ovals, arrows and stars that you can use on their own, or edit to create customised objects and combine to build complex new shapes. These rely on your design capabilities rather than your drawing skills to achieve results.

The pre-designed objects in DrawPlus are called Quick Shapes. Rotating, changing dimensions, colour, line thickness and other characteristics from frame to frame can be used to dramatic effect and as a time-saving device in animations.

Pushpin How to customise vector shapes in DrawPlus – tutorial

video Draw and modify vector shapes : demo : training

video Format line and fill properties : demo : training

video Fill - extra! : demo : training

video Lines - extra! : demo : training

video Serif Video Tutorial : Introducing DrawPlus X5

video Serif Video Tutorial : Quick Start

video Serif Video Tutorial : Creating a QuickShape Cartoon

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