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How to3.7 Add and animate text


Serif DrawPlus offers you a wide range of techniques for inserting type into animation.

Standalone free text is the most flexible: simply select the Artistic Text tool and click on the animation frame to start typing. Edit text size, font, colour, line and many other properties later. Learn more about modifying and customising text in the 'How to add and animate text in DrawPlus' tutorial.


The 'Crowfield Vincent' animation uses text twice: first, to represent the sound of a gunshot using comic book conventions that suggest an explosive noise; and second, for the artist's signature, which appears letter by letter, spins round and fades out at the end of the story. The 'How to animate text' tutorial explains how these effects were achieved.


Pushpin How to add and animate text in DrawPlus - tutorial

video Add filter effects and text : demo : training

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