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How to4.10 Add and animate text


Serif DrawPlus offers you a range of techniques for animating text.

Standalone free text is the most flexible: simply select the Artistic Text Tool and click on the animation frame to start typing. Edit text size, font, colour, line and other properties later. Learn more about modifying and customising text in the 'How to add and customise text' tutorial.

The 'Crowfield Vincent' animation employs text twice: first, in order to represent visually the sound of a gunshot, using dramatic comic book conventions that suggest an explosive noise; and second, for the artist's signature, which appears letter by letter at the end of the story.

This six-frame 'Bang' sequence lasts six seconds. The storyboard shows how the text fades away and the shape of the cartoon explosion morphs.


During the ten-frame 'Vincent' sequence, the signature is gradually composed from its individual letters as they assemble from different corners of the frame and gradually lose their transparency.


The 'Junk junk!' slogan drops into the frame vertically, while the other text slides in from the left.

junk junk

All three animated clips illustrated above use tweening to animate text. The two tutorials show you how
to create these text animation effects.

Pushpin How to add and customise text - tutorial

Pushpin How to tween text - tutorial

video Add filter effects and text : demo : training

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