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How to4.16 Adjust frame rates, easing, looping and run time

DrawPlus keyframe mode has an Easing tab that enables you to define the rate of change over time of the attributes of any selected object, such as its motion, shape, or colour. On the Storyboard you can choose to loop your animation continuously or assign an action to the last frame that will halt it after one play.


In DrawPlus the final frame of the storyboard shows your animation's total running time. If it should need adjusting, the Scale storyboard command allows you to type in a new running time that expands or shrinks the whole animation. All keyframe durations are then automatically adjusted to fit proportionately to the new running time.

This is an indispensable feature for testing your animation in Section 5. You can really aspire to get those higher grades by making sure that your animation runs for at least 15 seconds! But make sure if you do use this function that the timings still suit the action and are fit for purpose – don't slow them down or speed them up if they don't.

Use the 'How to adjust frame rates, easing, looping and run time' tutorial as a guide. Try the adjustments out on your practice animation.

Pushpin How to adjust frame rates, easing, looping and run time - tutorial

video Change frame rates : demo : training

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