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fact file4.17 Media Rich Content


One of the many advantages keyframe animations using Flash technology have over animated GIFs is that they support audio and video, as well as interactivity. Sound can add a new dimension to animations.

The audio for your animation might comprise:

Compare the Flash (keyframe) versions of the 'DogNbone appeal' and 'Crowfield Vincent' animations with the same animations as GIFs (stop-frame) animations.

Crowfield Vincent : Flash vs Stop Frame

Dog N Bone Appeal : Flash vs StopFrame

Media 2Which have greater impact?

For the Flash versions, existing stop-frame source files were opened in DrawPlus and converted to keyframe animation, which allowed audio to be added.

The media tabs list the audio files for each.


1 : 'Crowfield Vincent' has 4 sound files
GIF file size = 1,855 KB (no audio)
DrawPlus Animation file (DPA) = 5,046 KB (+audio)
Exported SWF movie = 1,574 KB (+audio)

2 : 'DogNbone appeal' has 11 sound files
GIF file size = 1,221 KB (no audio)
DrawPlus Animation file (DPA) = 4,158 KB (+audio)
Exported SWF movie = 834 KB (+audio)

Animations in DrawPlus can also integrate video clips and images. However, be aware that video, bitmap, music and sound files embedded in Flash movies add significantly to their file size and, therefore, to their download time. All media should be prepared and optimized before importing it into your keyframe animation. From the data above you can see the dramatic increase in file size when sound is added. What else do you notice about the relative file weights? You'll find the answer in the final fact file for this section.

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