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fact file4.19 Optimizing and exporting animations

File size is ever an issue when designing web graphics. With a 15-second animation, particularly if it has embedded media files, file size is even more crucial than with photos, buttons and other web elements. Choosing a vector drawing program to author your animation has immediate advantages because the editable DPA (DrawPlus Animation) source files are scalable without loss of quality and significantly smaller than bitmaps.

filetypesBut the most significant factor in creating optimized media rich animations for the web is the choice of SWF (ShockWave Flash) format for export. SWF files are completed, compiled and published files that are universally supported on Web browsers. They are renowned for their efficient delivery format and for their capability of minimising file size.

Consider again the comparative data about the two animations in the previous Fact File on 'Media rich
'. Note that exporting in SWF format from an editable DrawPlus keyframe file with embedded media significantly reduced the file size of 'Crowfield Vincent' from 5,046 KB to 1,574 KB; and of 'DogNbone appeal' from 4,158 KB to 834 KB.


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