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factfile1.10 Audience and purpose


Nike siteOne of the main considerations for a website designer is to think carefully about what the website is trying to say, and what kind of person is going to be visiting the site.

A serious business website will use a different style of graphic from a fun site aimed at children. How will you use images to get your message across to your audience? Do you want the site to amuse and entertain with large cartoon characters, or do you want it to appear authoritative and businesslike with small, functional photographs?

What is the purpose of the website? If it is designed to sell something, then it needs to have plenty of information about the products and the best way to promote a product is to show good quality pictures to catch the eye of a visiting shopper.

Red CrossA website such as the Nike site at makes good use of large photographs and eyecatching images. These are designed to capture the interest of the visitor and to make their products look visually appealing with the use of bright primary colours.

A charity website such as the British Red Cross at has a more serious purpose, and the graphics reflect that. The colour scheme is simpler, reflecting the red and white of the charity's logo and large photographs document their current campaigns. Often these images are quite powerful and might make a visitor want to find out more about the work the charity is doing for that appeal.


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