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assignment1.14 Model assignment : Task 1

Research, collect and describe a range of web graphics

What you must do

a) Read through the scenario carefully before you start.

b) Visit at least three different websites and collect a variety of web graphics. You must find:

  1. examples of navigation bars,
  2. navigation buttons
  3. advertising banners

c) Choose some examples that you think are effective, as well as some that you think are not. Take screenshots of the graphics to show them in context. You should also where possible make a note of their file size and the URL of the webpage. You could make a note of this information in your Sources log. Save your screenshots to an Evidence folder.

d) Produce a report to show your findings. You should review each graphic and describe its audience and purpose, giving your reasons. Give your opinion on the suitability and impact of the graphic, discussing its suitability for the website, its impact and whether it is appropriate for  its target audience and purpose and why. Describe its positive and negative aspects giving valid reasons and give an indication of its physical dimensions in pixels and file size in KB where available. Save your report to your Evidence folder.

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