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curriculum mapping1.15 Curriculum mapping


B064 - Creative Use of ICT - Controlled Assessment                                                                       

2.4.1 Analysis


Unit 2 Controlled Assessment : Assignment : Applying ICT



Edexcel Unit 4 – Creating Digital Products

Topic 1 – Investigate and review digital products

4.1.1 Investigate digital products              
4.1.2 Review a digital product    

OCR Cambridge Nationals

R005 : Creating an Interactive Product Using Multimedia Components

LO1 Be able to design interactive products

R006 : Creating Digital Images

LO1 : be able to specify a digital image solution for a clients needs

OCR National Certificate in Information Technology

Unit 21 : Creating Computer Graphics

AO1 - Research, collect and describe a range of existing graphics/images for use in web pages

Secondary research: Images collected from existing web pages eg:


Key stage 3 programme of study for ICT

Critical evaluation
1.5a Recognising that information must not be taken at face value, but must be analysed and evaluated to take account of its purpose, author, currency and context.
1.5b Reviewing and reflecting critically on what they and others produce using ICT.
Developing ideas
2.1d analyse and evaluate information, judging its value, accuracy, plausibility and bias.

The Framework for ICT

Finding Information
1.2 Searching and selecting

1.3 Organising and investigating

Communicating information
3.1 Fitness for purpose

Functional skills : Level 1 functional skill standard

Find and select information 

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