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activity1.2 Digital resource bank


Begin to develop a resource bank of digital images that inspire you, or that you think you may incorporate into the final images required for the assignment.

Create a new folder in your work area. Call it Creating Computer Graphics. Create three subfolders – Web Resources, Evidence and Process.  Inside your Web Resources subfolder make two sub-folders; name one Primary Sources (for resources you create yourself) and the other Secondary Sources (for resources that someone else has made).

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When you add a resource to the Secondary Sources sub-folder you should make note of the URL where you found it, the creator’s/designer’s name and any copyright information for future reference. Add the file size too. You can use the table in the blank sources log document to do this.

The Process folder will be used to contain any resources or assets you produce for the activity tasks. Inside the Evidence folder you might want to create 6 subfolders, one for each section of the assignment for this unit. This will be where you save copies of your work as evidence for the unit assignment.

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