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2. Planning your graphics

For a set of graphics to be successful the designer must have a clear idea of their purpose, who the intended audience is and what appeals to their tastes.

In this section you will consider these different factors and use them to help plan your own set of graphics for use on the web.

site designs1. Setting the tone

2. Styles and moods

3. Who's the audience?

4. Audience and purpose comparison

5. House style analysis

6. Colours and contrast

7. Investigating colours

8. RGB Colours

9. How to set colours

10. Where will it be?

11. Image dimensions

12. Another dimension

13. Graphical features

14. Image formats

15. File size

16. Graphic file formats and size

17. How to optimise in PhotoPlus

18. How to optimise in DrawPlus

19. Optimising files practice

20. Skills

21. Resources

22. Model assignment

23. Curriculum mapping

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