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Extension2.10 Where will it be?


The tone and style of the host site will determine to some extent the format of your navigation bar and and banners, including their dimensions. However, another consideration for web designers is exactly where on the webpage they will be displayed. You may have already looked at this in the Creating Animations or Creating a Multimedia Website units.

An example of a website following the golden triangleThe Golden Triangle

The main focus of attention on a webpage is called the Golden Triangle. This triangle runs from the top left corner of the page (1) to the top right (2) and diagonally down and across to the bottom left corner (3) just above the fold, as indicated by the yellow area on the screenshot of the Serif Homepage.

Note the key elements that fall within that area, including the company logo, main navigation, search box and the headline feature article.

Above the fold

‘Above the fold’ is a term borrowed from print media and refers to the area of the webpage a visitor sees as soon as the page loads without having to scroll down. This is the most important and most often scanned area of the page. It should fit a basic 800 x 600 screen resolution and it is where the most vital information should go.

Always keep your key message or call to action above the fold and within the Golden Triangle for maximum impact. Logos, navigation, a search box and the main banner advert would normally be placed above the fold and, ideally, within the triangle.

Check out whether your favourite website follows this basic web design layout rule or not. Why is it important to keep your key message above the fold? Is it more important for newspapers or for web pages to follow this advice? Why? Discuss these questions with a partner.

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