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factfile2.13 Graphical features

A rollover is a special effect that can be applied to a graphic so that it changes when the site visitor moves their mouse over the image (i.e. the mouse pointer “rolls over” the image). They provide a visual guide to show the visitor that the image is an active link and can be clicked on.

Examples of a rollover effects can be seen on the Waitrose website. When the mouse moves over a button, the icon on the button gets bigger. We will look at how to create a rollover in section 4. Also take a look at Creating a Multimedia Website unit.

Waitrose Waitrose

Some web graphics provide ways for the user to interact with the graphic. If the graphic contains an animation, there may be hotspots on the graphic that let the visitor start or stop the animation, or play it again. The example below is from an advert for Internet Explorer. The animation plays automatically when you first load the page and once played you can click the “replay” button to start it again.

IE banner


With a partner, visit a website that uses rollover effects such as the Dettol website or CBBC website. Take a look at how rollovers are used. Are there any other forms of user interaction? Discuss your findings.

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