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fact file2.15 File size


File size is measured in bytes or kilobytes (KB). 1 kilobyte is equal to 1024 bytes. The more kilobytes that need to be downloaded, the longer your visitor is going to have to wait to view your page. Web visitors usually have a very short attention span: if the page does not download quickly they will click the back button and go elsewhere.

When producing graphics for use on the web, the aim is to achieve the best possible quality with the smallest file sizes. In other words, when designing images for a website, you must combine good graphic quality with manageable download times and file sizes. With more and more people having access to broadband, file size is less important, but it is still good practice to make the image sizes as small as possible.

image optimizer

The Export Optimizers in Serif PhotoPlus and Serif DrawPlus make this process quite simple because they allow users to preview the effect of reducing resolution on image quality. For publishing on the web your goal is to maximize quality, while minimizing file size.

How to optimize:
The three main things to consider include:

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