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activity2.19 Optimising files practice


Create a simple bitmap image using Serif PhotoPlus, or open a bitmap image you have created previously for earlier sections of this unit. Use the export optimizer to save it as a several different JPG files into your Process folder, at a different resolution each time. Initially save it at 90%, and then 75%, 50% and 25% resolution. It is good practice to export your optimized image with a different filename to the original image so that if you need to use it again in the future you have not lost image quality.

DrawPlus optimizer

Make a note of the file size each for each file. Produce a table that shows the filename, the level of compression and your comments on the quality of the image you have produced. At what point does the quality become more important than the size of the file? Save the same image as a set of GIF images. Look at the file size and the image quality. Complete your table with this information. Save this to your Process Folder.

Repeat this optimisation process with a vector image using Serif DrawPlus. The helpsheets How to optimise in DrawPlus and How to optimise your images in PhotoPlus will help you.

pushpin How to optimise your images in PhotoPlus

pushpin How to optimize your images in DrawPlus

videoExport your animation in DrawPlus: demo : training

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