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assignment2.22 Model Assignment : Task 2

Plan the production of a range of web graphics for a client

What you must do

Read through the scenario again carefully. You should make notes of any first thoughts you have. Consider the target audience for the website, and how you will address all the requirements of the client. Refer back to the images you collected for Task 1: are there any images that inspire you?

Before you can produce your graphics you must produce some plans for your designs. The Graphics planning sheet will help you with the following:

All elements may contain a combination of text and graphics. You may adapt existing images to suit your needs. You are not allowed to use pre-defined design sets or templates provided by the software you use.

* If you have already created a Smoothie World website for the Creating a Multimedia Website unit then your navigation bar could be set up so that it links to each of the main pages in your website. If you have not covered that unit, then create a navigation bar that features the following five sections – Home, Our Products, About Us, Our Mission and Contact Us.

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