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factfile2.3 Who's the audience?


One of the main considerations for a website designer is to think carefully about the type of person that will be visiting the website and what the site is trying to say. As you learned in section 1, a serious business website will use a different style of graphics from a fun site aimed at children.

How will you use images to get your message across to your audience? Do you want the site to amuse and entertain with large cartoon characters, or do you want it to appear authoritative and businesslike with small, functional photographs? If your market is teenagers, will cute graphics appear too immature and put them off?

Before beginning your own designs, consider again the impact of audience and purpose on style of web graphics. It should be one of your key design considerations.

The CBeebies website is aimed at pre-school children. The purpose of the website is to provide fun games and activities linked to the television shows.

Graphics are very large and colourful and designed to appeal to young children. Very few words are used, so graphics and photographs are very important.


The Blizzard website, on the other hand, is aimed at teenagers and young adults. The purpose of the website is to promote and sell their range of popular computer games.

The screen is dominated by one large powerful graphic which attracts attention and represents a specific game. The screen cycles through 4 large images, each advertising a different game. Large buttons link to other information. Dark blue and black backgrounds are used with contrasting text colours.


In complete contrast to the previous two sites, the Royal British Legion is a charity whose site is aimed at adults. Its purpose is to promote the work of the charity and the services it provides for current or former members of the Armed Forces.

Graphics are used sparingly and are restricted to navigation buttons and small photographs or artwork.

There is a far more text on the page than the other two sites. The colour scheme mainly uses the red and blue of the charity’s logo with some as silver and gold.

Royal British Legion


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