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activity2.5 House style analysis


When a designer begins to produce the graphics for a client’s website they will research a range of similar websites for inspiration. Before starting to plan your graphic images, you are going to do the same.

Find a website that relates to the assignment brief and take a good look at how the site is designed. For example, you might wish to evaluate the Innocent Drinks website at or the Nudie Drinks website at

innocent smoothies

The House style analysis sheet will help you to identify the separate elements that combine to make up the overall look and feel for your chosen site. What is the intended audience for this site? How has the designer used colours and graphics to reflect this audience? Does the site look clean and streamlined or messy and cluttered? How easy is it to read the site content? Take a look at the navigation menu. How obvious is it to get to the parts of the website that you want to visit?

Save the completed sheet to your Process folder.

pushpin House style analysis

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