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howto2.9 How to set colours


To set the fill colour to a desired shade in software such as Serif DrawPlus and PhotoPlus you use the colour window. There are different ways to choose a colour, such as RGB (red, green, blue) sliders or the HSL (Hue, Shade, Saturation) wheel. The drop down arrow lets you choose between the various methods of defining colours: the HSL wheel and RGB sliders.

HSL slider wheel
RGB sliders

The HSL wheel lets you choose a colour by Hue,
aturation and Lightness values. Select a shade from the outside wheel, then click inside the triangle to select different values of saturation and lightness.

You can also use RGB Sliders. Moving the slider to the left lowers the amount of that colour, moving it to the right raises it. Alternatively, you can click on the number itself and change its value using the keyboard. You can also select a colour by clicking on the palette of colours at the bottom of the colour window.

pushpin How to set colours

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