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factfile3.3 Background colour / transparency


It’s important to think about how your navigation bar will look on its intended webpage. If your navigation bar has rounded corners or an irregular shape then there may be an unsightly space left around the graphic if the background colour of the image and the page do not match. One way around this is to make the background colour of the graphic match the page background. Another way is to make the background colour transparent.

Making the background transparent is better because it means that the same graphic can be used on different pages with different coloured backgrounds without having to make a new version of the graphic for every page.

strawberry with white background strawberry with transparent background
This image has a white background which is visible when the image is placed on a page with a coloured background. This image has a transparent background. The image appears to sit neatly on the page


Both GIF and PNG file formats support a transparent background. JPEG files do not support transparency. If you save your graphic in JPG format, you would need to make the background of the image the same as the page background.

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