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how to3.5 How to make shapes in DrawPlus


embossed shapesSerif DrawPlus is a vector drawing package that helps designers create professional looking graphics without necessarily being brilliant artists.

Serif DrawPlus has a gallery of vector shapes that can be used to create quick buttons or navigation bars.

There are many different ready-made shapes: for example, embossed shapes or gel buttons. These can be modified or combined to form new shapes. The screenshot show Embossed Shapes from the ShapeArt folder in the Gallery.

One of the advantages of a program like DrawPlus is that its range of readymade geometric shapes such as rectangles, polygons, ovals, arrows and stars can be used on their own, or edited to create customised objects. They can also be combined to build new complex shapes.

quick shapesThey are easy to use and rely on your design capabilities rather than your drawing skills to achieve results.

The pre-designed objects in DrawPlus are called QuickShapes. It is possible to rotate them, and change their dimensions, colour, line thickness and other characteristics to give a wide range of different shapes to use in your designs.

You can add drop shadows as well as bevels and embossing to create a shape that looks more solid, as shown below. Many navigation buttons have a slight 3D effect added in this way.

simple shapes

video Draw and modify vector shapes in DrawPlus: demo : training

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