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How to4.3 Use vector tools to make buttons


DrawPlus has a library of Quick Shapes that can easily be used to produce icons and buttons. There are many different shapes to choose from, such as rectangles, chevrons, polygons, clouds and stars.

polygonThe Polygon tool can be used to draw regular shapes with from 3 to 20 sides. polygon
lineThe Straight Line tool can be used to draw lines and irregular shapes, these shapes can also be filled with colour.
PenFreehand shapes can be drawn using the Pen tool.
pen tool
NodeOutlines that have been drawn with the pen tool can be modified using the Node tool. Nodes can be dragged into new positions to change the shape of the outline
Node tool

Shapes can also be combined to produce different icons. For example the following shapes can be used to make an icon of a house.

simple shapes

video Draw and modify vector shapes in DrawPlus: demo : training

video Format line and fill properties in DrawPlus: demo : training

video DrawPlus lines - extra! : demo : training

video Grouping elements in DrawPlus: demo : training

video Combine, group and order elements in Drawplus: demo : training

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