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activity4.5 Buttons from simple shapes


Use the QuickShapes tool and Straight Line tool in DrawPlus to try and replicate the following shapes using QuickShapes. The helpsheet How to make rollover buttons may also help you.

Make comments with the Text tool to remind yourself how you made the shapes. Make a copy of each shape and pull it apart to show all the component parts of the shape. Export your images in an optimised format to your Process folder. This will help you with your next assignment task. If you have time – create rollover versions of each button – change the colour of part of the image or make it look different in some way. Save the buttons in an optimized format in your Process folder.

simple shapes

pushpin How to make rollover buttons in DrawPlus

video Draw and modify vector shapes in DrawPlus: demo : training

video Grouping elements in DrawPlus: demo : training

video Combine, group and order elements in Drawplus: demo : training

video Rollover buttons in DrawPlus - Create three states : demo : training

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