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introduction5.1 Leaderboard or Skyscraper?


Internet advertising is big business. Popular websites can get tens of thousands of visitors a day, so selling
advertising space is a major source of income.

Banner adverts come in a wide range of shapes and sizes. Using one of the standard sizes for advertising banners specified by the Internet Advertising Board (IAB) ensures that an advert can be placed on many different sites without having to be adjusted each time. View the list of standard sizes approved by the IAB here.

Banner square
A standard banner advert measures 468 x 60
pixels. This is one of the most common sizes
because it fits neatly into the top navigation area
of a website. This banner on the Arsenal homepage promotes a mobile phone offer for fans of the club.
Rectangular or square adverts allow a little more freedom to display information. They may also include video content. This rectangular advert from Rolling Stone advertises the site's newsletter.
leaderboard skyscraper
A larger version of the standard horizontal
banner is called a Leaderboard. It is 728 x 90
pixels and runs almost the whole length of the
web page and so is very eye-catching. The example from The Guardian shows an animated banner advert for the Google debates.
This advert to raise funds for the Tate collection at Tate Modern is called a Skyscraper. It measures 120 x 600 pixels and is designed to fit vertically down the side of a page, alongside any page content. Vertical adverts are increasingly common on blogs, where they fit neatly down the sidebar.


The information sheet Banner Advert Sizes gives the dimensions of all the different sizes of banner advert that are commonly in use. Serif DrawPlus has standard banner size templates to choose from when you start a new design.

The Designers Toolbox website has some great resources for web designers, including further information about standard banner sizes, as well as the maximum GIF and Flash file sizes expected.

Pushpin Banner Advert Sizes

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