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howto5.10 Make a Flash animation in DrawPlus


Serif DrawPlus can produce keyframe animations that can be exported in Flash format for use on web pages. This type of file is called a SWF file.

Open DrawPlus and simply choose Keyframe Animation from the Start Up Wizard. The tutorial ‘How to make a Flash Banner advert in DrawPlus’ will help you.

StoryboardsGet started by setting up a simple animation with three keyframes, as illustrated. The ball is in the same position for frames 1 and 3. It is moved into the opposite corner for frame 2. When the animation is viewed, the ball moves smoothly from the top left to the bottom right corner, and then back again.


To make the ball move faster or more slowly, simply change the frame rate of 1000ms to another value by clicking on it.

Changing the colour of the ball at any stage in the animation will mean that the ball will gradually change colour as it moves from red to green and then back again.

To create scrolling text, make a keyframe with your text to far the left of the page, just outside the visible area. Then on a second keyframe place the text to the far right, again off the page. When you view the animation the text will scroll from left to right, then repeat.


For more about keyframe animation, look at the Serif unit Creating Animations.

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