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factfile5.11 User interaction


There are different ways that a user can interact with banner adverts. Here are a few examples.

Hyperlinks are the simplest kind of interaction. The banner advert below contains a button/hotspot which appears at the end of the animation. When the button is clicked, the user is taken to the company’s website where you can buy the advertised product. It is commonplace for the entire banner to act as a hyperlink to a related website.


GarnierSome banner adverts respond when the user rolls their mouse over the entire banner, or a specific hotspot on the advert.

In this example, once the user moves their mouse over the “roll over” area, the banner stretches out to cover a larger area of the web page, actually obscuring some of the page content. A much larger advert is then displayed. The banner will remain this size until the user clicks on the “close” button in the bottom left corner. The interaction is forced, even if the rollover was accidental.

Some adverts can be quite complex and include features such as mini games. In this example the “Play the Game” button makes the advert grow larger on the page and starts a mini-game. Visitors move the drinks bottle from side to side by moving their mouse. Two buttons in the top corner closes the game and turns sounds on/off. There is also another button which acts as a hyperlink to a website linked to the current promotion. This is quite a sophisticated level of interaction which would not be possible without the programming features of Flash.


Start / Stop Playing

Internet adverts may also include short video clips such as movie trailers with a button to start and stop the video playing.

Since most visitors do not want to hear the advert unless they are specifically interested in it, these adverts usually start with the sound muted, and the visitor can choose to click a button to turn the sound on. Typically, such adverts use Flash video, although not exclusively.


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