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As previously discussed, file size is always an issue when designing web graphics. With an animation, it is even more crucial than with buttons or other web elements because the file sizes can get quite large. When optimising an animation for the web there needs to be a balance between the image quality and file size. A very low quality animation will download very quickly but will not look very good. A high quality, full colour animation will look great but take longer to download.

Choosing a vector drawing program already has benefits because the editable source files, being vectors, are scalable without loss of quality, and are also significantly smaller than bitmaps. This has a positive impact on file size, even when the exported graphic is an animated GIF, which is a bitmap format. For complicated animations, exporting as a Flash file can produce a much smaller file size.

DrawPlus and PhotoPlus let you save work files in their own proprietary file format. This allows you to make edits and changes to the files in the future, preserving layers and vector objects. When producing graphics for use on your web pages, you will also need to export your files as either GIF or JPG file formats (or SWF for Flash banner adverts).

Both DrawPlus and PhotoPlus have another bonus feature in the form of an Export Optimiser, which will allow you cut file size by editing dimensions, the number of colours and, most significantly, resolution. The Export Optimiser also enables you to preview revised file sizes, download times and picture quality before hitting the Export button.

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