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factfile5.2 An example advertising banner


This banner advert is taken from a newspaper website. It is an advertisement for “More Th>n Premier” insurance policies.

More than banner

The banner is a standard size of 468 x 60 Pixels. It is an animated banner made in Adobe Flash. The banner consists of a mixture of text and graphics plus the company logo. The animation is simple – the centre icon of a house moves down and is replaced by one of a car. The big green “Get a Quote” button slides onto the advert at the start of the animation, and slides off again at the end. A hyperlink is attached to the button which takes the visitor to the company website when clicked. The banner uses only three colours – black, green and grey.

The advert features on the website of a broadsheet newspaper, which would be expected to have a higher proportion of more affluent readers than a tabloid paper who might be attracted to a “premium” insurance policy for more expensive properties and able to afford it.

Like many of the banner ads used across the website, there is no attempt to fit into the house style of the site – the adverts are drawn from a pool of different adverts which are cycled through on a loop.

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