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Most banner adverts are more than just a static object. Unlike a newspaper advert the nature of the internet provides advertisers with the chance to produce adverts that can move and maybe even interact with the reader. Moving adverts also catch the eye better – a reader will notice something that moves before spotting something that is static.

Many banner adverts are animated GIFs. A JPG file cannot be animated. Unlike a story animation, that will have many frames per second (modern film animations run at 24 fps), banner adverts consist of very few frames that stay on the screen for one second or longer each. Too many frames would give a very large file size. The most effective banner adverts stick to simple animations rather than anything with complicated movement. The helpsheet Anatomy of a banner ad shows the composition of a typical animated advertising banner.

For example, here is a simple three-frame banner ad with a background layer. The speed is set so that the frame changes every second.

Smoothie world banner

Here are the three frames that make up that banner:

smoothie banners

Banner adverts are usually set to play on a loop so that once it reaches the end it automatically restarts. At 468 x 60 pixels, this animated banner is only 15KB in size when exported as an animated GIF file.

pushpin Anatomy of a banner ad

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