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introduction6.1 Presenting your work


At the end of a project, the time comes to present your finished work to your clients (or in this case, the examiner). This could be in the form of a mock up of a webpage, a slide presentation, a report with annotated screenshots, colour prinouts, or a combination of all of these.

Ideally, the client will want to see how the finished graphics will look and interact in place on a web page. You will need to show how they fit together with the overall “feel” and house style of the site. They will want to see how the navigation system works, including any rollover effects and expanding/collapsing menus. They will need to be able to see all the stages in any animated graphics. A potential client is not going to be impressed with a black and white printout!

smoothie world mockup

For your assessment you will also need to present your work using one of these formats. A designer would explain how the finished products meet the design brief. In the case of a website, the clients will be looking to see how the final graphics work together with the overall design of the site.

The presentation should aim to answer these questions:

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