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factfile6.2 Different presentation formats


There are many different ways to present your finished website to a client. Here are a few examples to consider.

web mockupMock up webpage

Probably the most effective way of demonstrating how your graphics will look in a working website is to mock up a working website, or at least a single webpage. All the graphics can be put into position, and all navigation, rollovers and animations could be shown to work as intended.

The two WebPlus tutorials will help you do this. The mock up website could be uploaded to the web or an intranet for the client to visit, or burned onto a CD for running locally.

Slide presentation

Your graphics could be shown in a slide presentation using software such as PowerPoint. They could be placed in position on the slide to mock up how the web page would look. Animations may be tricky to reproduce in this format, however, and screenshots may have to be inserted instead.

powerpint mockup

Colour printouts
Your graphics could be printed in colour to give the client an idea of what the graphics will look like but not how they’d look in relation to each other. Each stage of an animation would need to be printed. This is not ideal as it gives no idea of the timings of animation or any interaction. The other potential problem with this type of presentation format is that your graphics, if you have followed good practice and aim for good grades, should all have been OPTIMISED and LOW RESOLUTION for the screen to achieve smaller file sizes and faster download times on the internet. Images prepared for print should be HIGH RESOLUTION and will, therefore, have large file sizes. Printout of screen/web graphics may look blocky and poor quality. They will not impress on paper as much as they would on screen!

If you do decide to use a mix of presentation formats, any printouts you include could be annotated with any additional information required.

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