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factfile6.3 Placeholder text


placeholderAlthough web graphic designers will not be responsible for the actual content of the website, they will probably wish to show the client how the site would look with text rather than try to demonstrate a blank website. This is called placeholder text.

It can be hard to think of text to type to fill these spaces and simply repeating random words looks silly and can be distracting for the viewer.

Many designers now use a special kind of placeholder text known as Lorem Ipsum to fill these spaces. Lorem Ipsum is composed of paragraphs of Latin taken from a book written in 45BC. It is used because it has a very similar distribution of letters and word lengths to Standard English, but the reader is not distracted by trying to read it. There are also other versions that use different passages of Latin but which have the same effect.

Serif WebPlus has a tool that will fill any text box with a suitable length of placeholder text. From the Insert menu choose “Fill with Placeholder Text”. 

There are also websites that will generate a required amount of Lorem Ipsum filler text. You can find out more at

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