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factfile6.4 Testing your graphics


Before presenting your finished graphics to your client, the final stage of any project is to test your work and to get critical feedback from fellow students, your teacher and, above all, from members of the target audience. This Testwill allow you to trouble-shoot any issues and make improvements in response to constructive comments and criticism.

If you have been previewing your work frequently as advised, you will have already ironed out many problems, but now you need to step back and take a long, detached look at your creative handiwork.

Does the final product match your intentions? How can it be made even better?

Some aspects of your grahics can be tested by asking a focus group or individual reviewers for their opinion. Who you choose is crucial. Ask people who will give constructive comments, not general opinions like"wicked" or "useless". And at least some of your testers should be in the target audience group.

There is still time to make improvements - and the good news is that any changes you make in response to your tests will gain you better marks.

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