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Assignment6.7 Model assignment : Task 6

Present work to a client

What you must do

Read through the scenario carefully. You need to present your finished artwork to the management of Smoothie World. All of the graphics must be optimized for use on the web.

Your presentation could take one of three formats:

  1. Create a mock up of a page from the Smoothie World website. You can reuse a page from the Creating a Website unit if you have covered that unit. The helpsheets How to use Serif WebPlus and How to insert images in WebPlus may help you.
  2. Create a slide presentation that shows the images you have created.
  3. Produce good quality screenshots of your graphics and present them in a portfolio.

Save your presentation into your Evidence folder.

In addition to your presentation, write a brief report explaining how each of your images meets the design criteria. With screenshots explain how you have optimized the images and saved as suitable file types for use on the web. Evaluate your own performance on the task.

Save your report to your Evidence folder.

Congratuations! You have now completed this assignment.

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